Riot Cops Battle Protesters Trying To Strangle Dick Cheney


It's pretty hot for September! Up in Vancouver, a kick-ass bunch of Canadian protesters rushed the doors of some private industrialists club/Satanic Secret Society and had a battle with the riot cops. A 51-year-old protester reportedly strangled a cop, in an apparent effort to get through the doors and strangle Dick Cheney -- Cheney was inside on a "book tour," wearing a black hood and humping on the carcass of a bloodied lamb.

Protesters clashed with police Monday night outside a private club in downtown Vancouver where former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney was promoting his new book.

As a crowd of about 200 chanted, "Shame. Shame on you" at guests entering the Vancouver Club, a line of police pushed back protesters who tried to surge against the club's front door.

It would be fun if this happened in Virginia, at Cheney's house, every day. [CBC]


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