Rioting Afghans Really Getting Into the 'Spirit Of 9/11’
  • Crazy Pastor McMustache may have cancelled his Quran-burning party -- or only "suspended" it, who knows -- but that hasn't stopped our friends in Afghanistan from getting in on the fun! In the spirit of reciprocity, 10,000 or so Afghans threw stones at a German-manned NATO base, either because they have been paying very close attention and know this Terry Jones fellow got his start in Germany, or because, you know, all white people look alike. Anyway, it went better for the guys with the guns than it did for the guys with the rocks, as usual. [Reuters]
  • Why is the federal judiciary so utterly gay? Yet another black-robed dictator has freed the gays to gay it up, this time in the military. Virginia A. Phillips said Don't Ask, Don't Tell violates soldiers' first amendment and due process rights, despite the fact that she was appointed by Bill Clinton, the guy who invented Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the first place. Anyway, it will no doubt be appealed, so don't go getting all gay soldier-y just yet. [AP]
  • The U.S. would prefer it if Iraq had a functioning government instead of a plethora of mutually hostile parliamentary factions. Good luck with that! [NYT]
  • Barack Obama has a new chair of his Council of Economic Advisers. The Berkeley prof left, and she's been replaced by a Chicago prof. Those of you who keep track of which colleges are on which economic ideological "teams" can nod knowingly now. [AP]
  • It's not "political," but a sizable chunk of a San Francisco suburb blew up last night, probably due to a gas main explosion. Crumbling infrastructure? Sure, let's say crumbling infrastructure. [AP]

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