RIP Blingee: World's Greatest Terrible Website Headed For Digital Heaven

It's just not the same

It's the end of an era. A sad, sad day. Blingee, the website that helped Wonkette -- and idiot tweens -- create epilepsy-inducing animated images, is going away forever, according to the site's developers. So many memories, so many terrible animations, soon to be gone forever, lost, like tears in rain, or considering the source, like farts in a glittery tornado. We couldn't even make a Blingee to commemorate the Death of Blingee, because like Todd Akin, they have shut that whole thing down. Users will have a week to save their digital abominations from the Blingee server to their own computers, and then on Aug. 25, the site goes away forever.

Yr Wonkette weeps for the Blingees of Yesteryear.

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Ken Layne, gods bless him, has saved a few Classic Wonkette Blingees as well:

Ugh, How Did We Survive EIGHT YEARS of This Creep?

The eyes. Don't look into the eyes!

No, no idea what this is.

Blingee always sucked. And it was always wonderful. And now, it's going away.

Oh, sure, there are some other sites that will add sparkles and glitter to your photos. But none that are as relentlessly stupid/brilliant, user-friendly, or as likely to enable pure flights of gleefully idiotic excess.

Please join us for a wake, go save your own stupid Blingees, and post as many of your faves as you wish in the comments, which are not allowed.

And try, if you can, to stay happy.

Does anyone have any idea what this was about? No -- and that was the beauty of Blingee.

Update: the Blingmeisters have added an answer -- sort of -- to the many cries of "Why, Why, dear god WHY?" in their own comments, which will soon be even less allowed than they are at Yr Wonkette:

Thank you for the kind words in your reactions. Some answers to your questions:

- Why is the site closing?

It is not for lack of trying to save it, but several events on the business and technical sides of Blingee have led us to the point where it is no longer sustainable for us to run the site. The site is expensive and complex to maintain, we have kept it alive as long as we could.

- Why not sell it for someone else to run? Can it be saved?

There are significant challenges to overcome, we have not been able to find someone able and willing to take it on.

- "Am I the only one crying"?

You are not, we have given a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for Blingee. But there have been a lot of good times too, so we are trying to focus on how it has brightened our lives.

We still think it's Donald Trump's fault

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