Rip It Up

* It's shocking -- shocking -- that at a convention of liberals, a person in the audience with an opposing point of view wouldn't be given an unlimited amount of time to grill a presenter. Typical, typical, typical. This kind of intolerance would never be seen at a cross burning. [Michelle Malkin]

* The United States has been secretly been developing a robot army that will finally allow us to seize control of the Galactic Republic. [Iraq Slogger]

* Democrats could pick up as many as 20 seats next year and regain the White House, which will give them all the mandate and political will they need to stay in Iraq forever AND nuke Pakistan. [Election Central]

* Bill O'Reilly's all like, "This gay shit is hateful," and then Chris Dodd is all like, "Bitch, please."

[Fresh Intelligence]

* The two other GOP prezzers on the ballot in Iowa are in a gruesome race to finish second to Mitt Romney, a resounding achievement to be sure. [The Gaggle]

* Iran unveils their giant new nuclear warhead, flimsily disguised as a huge fucking rug. [Passport]

* Timetables? Fuck it. [Carpbetbagger]


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