Risky Theme Park Idea From PETA: Farms Are Like Guantánamo, For Animals


Hey heads up: PETA is offering to take whatever prison that Obama decides not use for terrorist collecting—Guantánamo, or that maximum security job in Thomson, IL that might be New Guantánamo—and turn it into a "All Living Beings Empathy Center." It'd be symbolic as shit, right, because the Guantánamo human torture can be sort of tenuously conflated to what it's like to be a farm animal? This is the idea.

Some PETA gal said that the "Empathy Center" would feature such activities as "being crammed into a crate to simulate the life of a sow on a filthy factory farm and having packs containing 150-pound weights strapped to their backs to simulate the experience of chickens forced to support huge upper body weight because of drugs and genetic manipulation.” Also chances are the gift shop and cafe are going to be really overpriced. [The Caucus]


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