Rival Factions Clash in Iraq

Faced with eviction after renting an apartment for $10,000 from an Iraqi who had no legal authority to rent it, American contractor Richard Peters turned to the U.S. Embassy for help. The U.S. Embassy told him to contact Lt. Col. Mike Casey, a U.S. military officer who'd been dealing with similar cases.

"I'm thinking, well let me call this guy, he's an American. It was recommended I call him for help and when I called him, he was worse than the Iraqi police," Peters said. "He says 'why are you over here?' He's yelling in the phone...'You're over here for the money. All you contractors are alike...I'm going to throw you out of the country, if I find you.'"

Talk about tough landlords. We thought the penalty for getting conned out of $10,000 was getting conned out of $10,000. In Iraq, you get evicted too. From the entire country!

Iraq's New War Zone: American vs. American [Fox News]


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