RNC Bigot/Ex-Pilot Dave Agema Talks About His Issues Inside Homosexual 'Flight Attendant Realm'


Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema got away with saying Obama and pretty much every terrorist is a Muslim and cutting funding to orphans and skipping budget votes to shoot sheep so it's no wonder that he's genuinely surprised other Republicans are now very upset because he turned his trademark awfulness toward the gays.

So Agema has gone on the offensive, explaining to a northern Michigan radio host that when he says gays are a terrible threat to our collective health and safety, he's basically just agreeing with the current Republican platform. Like a stopped clock, even Dave Agema can be right a couple times a day!

Agema also explains why gay rights is a deeply person issue for him, just as it is a deeply personal issue for Rob Portman. As a silver fox commercial airline pilot, Agema is a walking gay porn archetype and, well, he can explain it: "I’ve been involved in this issue for years, way back when I worked for American Airlines this became an issue, because we had, you know obviously we had a lot of homosexuals in the flight attendant realm, and, uhh, we had issues."

First off, what is this politically correct "flight attendant" garbage? Real Americans know flying waiters and waitresses should be called "stews" as the baby Jesus intended. Second, what sort of issues did Dave Agema have when he entered their "realm"? Unless these gay stews were too busy discussing how they commit half the murders in big cities to bring Agema his mid-flight coffee, how could they have possibly caused issues for a big, manly pilot like Dave Agema? Did they refuse to let him join their orgies or make fun of his tiny cockpit or something like that? Yes, it was probably that.

Guys, this is why everyone has to get serious about stopping bullying. If only those gay stews just let Dave Agema join their murderous orgies, instead of making fun of his tiny cockpit, maybe Agema wouldn't be peddling wildly inaccurate information about gays on Facebook. Bullies suck, and Dave Agema really wanted to get in on that action.

[Progress Michigan]


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