RNC Calls Hill Manchurian Candidate

Sinister! - WonketteBig-time Hillary donor Norman Hsu is, apparently, a felon. California wants him for fraud -- he pleaded guilty 15 years ago, and then managed the most effective and yet laziest escape ever from the long arms of the law, by simply not showing up to jail or something. Despite his three-year jail sentence for grand theft, California authorities were totally unable to find the man whose pictures appeared on websites attending numerous fundraisers -- that he hosted. Naturally, the Republicans are jumping all over this. By... calling Hsu a Chinese spy. Because he's Asian. Their evidence: other Asian people have also donated to Hillary.

The RNC research department sent out a blast email summarizing the Hsu story, and following it with "seven items in that review referred to scandals around Asian donors." And because a pointless scandal from ten years ago that amounted to absolutely nothing also involved Asian people, well, do we have to draw you a diagram?? Hillary's in Mao's pocket! She's a pawn of the Chinaman!

Hell, has anyone looked to see if Hill accepted money from fellow suspicious Asian person Seung Hui Cho?

Hillary gave all the Hsu money to some charities or something but she might still be raising money from other Asian people, so it is Wonkette's recommendation that we round them all up and send them to internment freedom camps.

RNC Pushing the China Angle [Politico]


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