just when you think they could not condescend any further

The Republican National Committee is sending their pander-mobile, "Reggie the Registration Rig," to MTV studios, where it is scheduled to visit the set of "Total Request Live." Along for the ride: RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie. A flack tells AP: "Chairman Gillespie has three kids of his own, and the oldest is a teenager, so he is no stranger to MTV and 'TRL' . . . He's hip enough to know how important it is." But he's not hip enough to know that TRL is totally gay.

In any case, we hear that since the BC04 reelection campaign has been taking more ups and downs than Courtney Love, Gillespie isn't actually concerned with "hip" -- he's just planning on staging a publicity stunt/meltdown a la Mariah Carey. Unless MTV thinks Ed in nothing but a T-shirt will produce a better buzz than TittyGate, we suggest a tape delay.

Republican voter drive heads to MTV [USAT]

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