RNC Pretty Sure Senile Joe Biden Thinks Jews Control The Weather

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RNC Pretty Sure Senile Joe Biden Thinks Jews Control The Weather

Monday, President Joe Biden announced that he’d nominated former federal prosecutor Steve Dettelbach to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. It was a pleasant spring day in Washington DC — unlike Portland, Oregon, where it snowed in mid-April. During the ceremony, Biden joked in passing that Dettelbach “was responsible for the weather," as well.

The Republican National Committee wasn’t about to let this goofy grandpa joke go unchallenged. The rapid response team at RNC Research quickly sent out this tweet:

Biden says his ATF nominee, Steve Dettelbach, "was responsible for the weather" today.

Dettelbach is Jewish.

I think I speak for all of us when I say ... huh?

So, looking into this, it seems that Dettelbach is in fact Jewish, which isn’t relevant to his prospective job. However, it is apparently an antisemitic trope that Jews control the weather. Back in 2018, Marjorie Taylor Greene ranted on Facebook that the latest California wildfires were part of some “globalist" conspiracy involving lasers from outer space ... "space lasers," if you will.

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Greene managed to implicate the Rothschild family, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and her husband Richard Blum, all of whom are Jewish. Sure, as stereotypes go, controlling the weather is almost flattering — certainly better than the fried chicken and watermelon ones — but it feeds the narrative the Jews are nefarious puppet masters. Unfortunately, fools from both the Right and Left entertain this nonsense.

Obviously, Biden’s corny remark was not a reference to Dettelbach’s heritage. Why did RNC Research even go there? I imagine they were sitting around, watching this dull announcement, trying to come up with something to ding Biden on: “OK, Dettelbach is the ATF nominee. Biden complimented him on the weather. That’s it! Dettelbach is Jewish!” No one in the room pitched anything better. It’s like when I see “checks notes” jokes or “that went well” lines. I know they weren’t even trying.

Last week, RNC Research tweeted a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris greeting a crowd at the White House ceremony celebrating Supreme Court Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation.

She said, “Good morning!” and those canny devils at RNC Research noted that it was in fact 12:35 p.m. This is why you don’t let MVP babysit your mogwai. She’d lose track of time and feed them after midnight. Now you’ve got gremlins.

The RNC Research account mostly tweets petty shit, like how Biden, who has a speech disorder, mispronounces the word "exponentially.” It’s their moment of fascist zen. However, accusing the president of antisemitism is no joke, and reminding everyone that Dettelbach’s Jewish isn’t the best strategy when the GOP is gearing up to smear Dettelbach as a radical “gun grabbing” commie prior to his confirmation.

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Gun rights groups tanked Biden’s previous ATF nominee David Chipman, and they’re hoping for an encore with Dettelbach. Despite his support from GOP-appointed prosecutions, the usual gang of Republican idiots are already making noise.

"I have deep concerns with the radical direction the ATF has been taking over the past 16 months, including an obvious and growing hostility toward Second Amendment rights," Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said. "I’ll need to hear Mr. Dettelbach’s views on this issue in considerable detail.”

Who cares what Ted Cruz thinks about anything? Democratic nominees should just refuse to answer his questions. He’s a guaranteed “no” vote anyway. Democrats should restrict these hearings to the few senators who actually make a difference. It could be like the panel on "The Voice" but with Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and occasional special guest Mitt Romney.


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