RNC: Who's NOT Gay Over There?

Yes, yes. Yes, everyone. We've heard that rumor about new RNC chair, former BC04 honcho Ken Mehlman. It's everywhere. At this point, there are long distance telephone companies involved. But we like the way the phone company frames the issue: "What if Ken Mehlman is gay?"

Well, we hadn't thought of it that way. Clearly, things would be different. Teal and fuchsia campaign banners. RNC HQ would have better lighting. Stronger drinks. Free backrubs. And there'd be lots more fucking. Can't get those gays to stop. Oh, it is to dream. . .

Now, it might be possible that Mehlman is gay and yet refuses to conform to the stereotypes society has so thoughtfully provided. (Except for the fucking part, we'd guess.) That would suck, because all gays need to act and think alike in order for society function properly. Now, seriously: Can we please stick to hating him because he's evil? The gay thing would be a net gain. . .

Sex, lies and Ken Mehlman [WorkingforChange.com]


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