Road to Loserdom: Bayh Edwards Hires Some Dude

John Edwards, the ambulance chaser-turned-Senator-turned-next President of Make Believe America, hired former Michigan Rep. David Bonior to run the 2008 campaign he hasn't announced yet. Bonior ran for Governor back in '02 and lost, embarrassingly. In the words of our Detroit Operative,

Bonior's got a record as a winner -- I mean, as long as you only count those wins in the 90% white, blue-collar, Reagan Dem district he represented and you ignore the face-crush he received four years ago in the Dem primary against the now-a-two-term Governor Granholm.

Bonior will be key in the important race to determine which white dude will win the support of the powerful "won't vote for a negro or a lady" bloc.

As people actually know who Edwards is, we think he's got the edge.

Edwards taps former Mich. Congressman Bonior to lead future presidential campaign [AP via Detroit News]


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