Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (SO MANY-BRANCHÈD, THE TREE OF CAMELOT) has, oh dear, it turns out that men everywhere, regardless of chad preference, enjoy slandering as well as utilizing the adult enjoyment industry. Let's try this again anew. RFK Jr, who works for the NRDC and is like a river god or river horse or something, by trade, dunno, the background of his Twitter profile is about rivers, on Tuesday afternoon decided to lasso the Rush Limbaugh catastrophe-miracle for his very own purposes by calling Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma a "prostitute" and, for good measure, a "call girl." Fox Constitutional News's response to this is to ask, "Will Media Be Outraged?" The answer is of course no, because this still and hopefully forever undeleted tweet is witty, metaphorical and accurate, except, well, apologies to the adult enjoyment industry.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is not that young chap running for Congress, but is rather slightly outside the government while still being inextricably bound to it for purposes of productive Earth-touting anger, has opened the door to an explanation of who the heck Sen. Inhofe is, in case you don't know. As you can see Inhofe apparently wants to "kill fuel economy," which is plainly idiotic, because everyone needs to drive hideous, silent but not deadly Prii. But Inhofe is in bed with the adult fuel industry and can't get out because it is a loft bed, suspended above a pit of lava in Hell.

Given that RFK's tweet employed a figurative rather than literal use of the words "prostitute" and "call girl" (liberals do it better, and by "it" we mean thinking), let's move on and figure out why Inhofe is such a shuh-TEED.

WELL! It's because he wrote a letter to the EPA saying that its fuel economy mandates are "reckless." WHAT IS WRONG WITH RULES? YOU STUPID MAN?

ABC News also points out that Living Male Kennedy Family Member #2382101035 was on Obama's shortlist to head the EPA, so he is obviously bitter and is trying to make things happen within the EPA from without. Good luck, guy. We mean it. Luck is the only way anything happens. And sex. Since the tweet, RFK Jr has followed up with another two, defending himself:

And then...

Hopefully this last is a rhetorical tweet otherwise his twitter might break from the force of a thousand inarticulate articulations of how oil is nice and fun. [Ewwww/ABC News]


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