Robert Gates: Our Confusion & Chaos Should Not Lead Anyone To Believe We Are Doomed


The Pentagon Men are having some kind of teleconference via MSNBC to tell America's Enemies (TM) that, look, just because we've been flailing around in Afghanistan for adecade with no real mission or logic, and just because our U.S. military commander there was an insane insubordinate redneck who ran his own warlord fiefdom based on violent assholes and Bud Lime, and just because we're sending a new guy who most recently keeled over because John McCain looked at him weird, well NONE of that means this "confusion and chaos" should be mistaken for weakness or failure. So don't go misconstrue this, America's Enemies in your own Opium/Allah empire-crushing Central Asian Mad Max-land. Be mindful of the intricacies!

Gates and Admiral Mullen (no first name) are having a press conference right now! It was supposed to be about budget this-or-that, which is boring, because everybody knows the Pentagon doesn't have to follow a common budget. If Gates and Mullen decide to pack a rocket with $100 billion in U.S. gold reserves and shoot it into deep space to "see how it affects our enemy," who would stop them?

And, honestly, that would be a better use of "taxpayer money" (China) than spending another year or ten in Afghanistan, or Iraq.


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