• Republicans who were hoping to make votes in favor of health care a defining line of attack in the midterm elections are finding that votes in favor of TARP are proving much more effective -- which is unfortunate for them, because many of them voted for it. Still, it's a healthy sign when citizens question even the consensus legislation that emerges from the political elite, right? "People would walk by my booth and say 'TARP, TARP, TARP, TARP!' But when you tried to talk to them about it, they did not know any of the details. They confused TARP and the stimulus plan. They confused TARP and the omnibus bill. They confused TARP and the president's budget." Uhhh. [NYT]
  • Even so, Robert Gibbs is all like "Oh, no, we're totally going lose control of the House in the midterms, probably, unless you lazy whiny liberals buck up." [NYDN]
  • The White House has assured everyone that the new director of Medicare and Medicaid will not bring a British-style health care system to the U.S., not least because he has absolutely no power to do anything remotely like that. [Fox]
  • This finanical regulation bill is totally going to pass any day now! Speaking to a crowd waiting to see President Obama in Las Vegas, a fired-up Harry Reid showed the sort of rhetorical skill that has made him beloved to all, proclaiming, "We're going to finish that conference report!" [NYT]
  • The Democrats lost badly in the midterm elections, but the administration insisted that it would press forward with its agenda. A news item from the future ... or from Japan? Eh, same difference, right? Have you seen their cell phones? [BBC]

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