Robert Gibbs Eviscerates That Working-Class Hero, The CNBC Derivatives Trader Guy


[youtube expand=1]

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has had the tendency, early on, to embarrass himself during press conferences by turning snippy as a defense. But this comment about Kathryn Jean Lopez's pretend boyfriend and preferred vice presidential candidate, Rick Santelli -- a rich ex-financial rich guy who now (rather brilliantly, we admit) manages to win over unemployed, poor white people with rants on the Wall Street tips 'n' cheats teevee channel about how he and his money friends who ruined the economy WILL NOT ALLOW $75 billion in government money to go towards resuscitating millions of salvageable mortgages that are currently impossible to price and spreading death everywhere -- is somewhat perfect. Wry, mocking, and even somewhat informative! [Huffington Post]


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