Robert Gibbs Is a Sad Tomato


Guess who's tired and depressed? White House press secretary Robert Gibbs! But is itcompletely his fault that the Democrats may lose their congressional majority next week? Maybe! After all, he kind of looks like a gas station attendant, which is a job that does not exist, and also a hired assassin. This is according to Robert Draper, the journalist, who wrote this about Gibbs: "The smile, affable and empty, could be that of a small-town gas-station attendant or a hired assassin." But are Gibbs and Obama gay with each other?

The pair's bond, rooted in Realpolitik and swaddled in masculine affect -- "Oh, my God, on the guy level it's unbelievable, I mean it's real guy stuff," says one female associate -- is especially manifest inside the White House, where Gibbs's portfolio extends far beyond the Brady briefing room.

This is a very gay-sounding accusation! Or, you know, everybody speaks and writes in a very vague, stupid way now.

What else is shared by Gibbs and Obama? A deep hatred of the Washington press corps. "Apparently Gibbs can't stand the press," writes Draper. Obama also hates the press, especially "cable chatter." Are they going to kill all the press? (They should!) [GQ]


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