Robert Gibbs Now Reduced To Doing iChats With Random People


Okay, everybody despises the utterly useless "look at me!" transcriptionists who make up the White House Press Corps. But did the White House really need the drastic drop in dignity from the press room lectern to some crappy webcam on Robert Gibbs' laptop? Also, why does his HAIR LOOK SO WEIRD? (Ha ha, there is a shallow WHCA-style comment if we ever saw one!) Anyway, now you too can have White House press credentials just like that gay prostitute Marine guy, what was his name? Jeff Gannon! Let's all be Jeff Gannon now, from the tawdry comfort of our foreclosed homes.

The question is apparently about this Wikileaks thing, which is a website somewhere that totally destroyed America and its allies over the weekend, by posting some crap on a website. Never forget! [YouTube]


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