Robert Gibbs Resigning, Becoming Part of Professional Left

Robert Gibbs Resigning, Becoming Part of Professional Left

We did it, you guys! We defeated Robert Gibbs with our restless coverage of hisLEGO-based terrorism when there was nothing else to write about last week! Yes, Mr. Robert Lane Gibbs, famed White House press secretary, is leaving the White House forever, to go work in an actual building like an actual professional member of the left, instead of working in the back of some guy's house as a favor, which is what he has been doing for the past couple years. But don't worry! He will "defend Mr. Obama on television—and will expand his presence on Twitter and other Internet platforms." PROFESSIONAL LEFT! PROFESSIONAL LEFT! PROFESSIONAL LEFT!

He said he has no intention of establishing a political consulting or lobbying business, but he intends to work [as an advisor to Obama] from the same downtown Washington office where David Plouffe has spent the last two years. Mr. Plouffe, who was Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, will move to the White House and work as a senior adviser to the president.

And to help pay rent, they will get a local college student as a roommate, who will alternately infuriate them by spilling beer on their laptops and getting rid of their desks for a place to store his surfboards and teach them an important lesson about having fun.

The leading potential replacements for press secretary include Jay Carney, a spokesman for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., along with Bill Burton and Josh Earnest, who work as deputies to Mr. Gibbs. Other candidates also could be considered, an administration official said.

That Ellen DeGeneres is always good, Obama. [NYT]


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