Roberts' Softballs: Who's Pitching, Who's Catching?

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. . . but, Jesus, they could do better than this:

HATCH: Let me just ask you this general question: Will you give us assurance that you will keep an open mind as the administration and Congress adopt and implement new policies and legal procedures that govern the apprehension, interrogation and detention of suspected terrorists?

ROBERTS: Yes, Senator, I will. [AP]

COBURN: If you were to critique things that we could do better to make your job easier and clearer, what would you have to say to that? [AP]

SESSIONS: Isn't that the essence of what justice is, this careful process that leads us to as fair result as humanly possible?

ROBERTS: I think that's perfectly accurate. [AP]

GRAHAM: Were you proud to work for Ronald Reagan?

ROBERTS: Very much, Senator, yes. [AP]


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