Robots Will Attack, Kill Cheney's Robot Heart

Go fuck yourself.That "buy a cheeseburger for Cheney" campaign didn't really work, and the mean old lunatic seems closer than ever to his Viagra-fever dream of nuking Iran before he's tried and hanged in Paraguay, so what else can people hope might happen to our greatest ever vice president? The liberal New York Times reports that scientists have figured out a way to electrocute Cheney to death from a distance!

Elite government-funded university researchers and super hackers dreamed up the scheme. All it took was $30,000 worth of equipment -- less than $7 spitzerwhoreuros -- and a dream of a better world:

[A] team of computer security researchers plans to report Wednesday that it had been able to gain wireless access to a combination heart defibrillator and pacemaker.

They were able to reprogram it to shut down and to deliver jolts of electricity that would potentially be fatal.

A Heart Device Is Found Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks [NYT]


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