Rock Out To the Latest Anti-Mosque Anthem This Weekend!

[youtube expand=1]

Sure, you've heard "We've Got to Stop the Mosque At Ground Zero," but have you heard "SALT IN THE WOUND"? Hatred and images of people dying in a terrorist attack never sounded so upbeat!

This weekend, our afternoon editor will be raising his bottle of free PR booze (the only kind of booze he can afford on your Wonkette dole) to America's week of embarrassing itself and inflaming anti-Americanism in the Muslim world. And you should join him in drowning our collective sorrows!

So your afternoon editor found this video on Team Sarah today, but do you know what else he found on there? THIS PICTURE:

As you get drunk this weekend, remember there is still hope. In just 34 years, we will all be saved by President Trig. [YouTube]


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