Rocked You Like A Hurricane Ike

  • The memory of 2005's disastrous 17-hour highway clusterfuck still ripe in their minds, many Houstonians choose not to evacuate Hurricane Ike. [AP]
  • Many media pundits thought Sarah Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson showed her lack of knowledge about certain key topics; others found Charlie Gibson "anti-religious." [Washington Post]
  • A new power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe wil have Morgan Tsvangirai's party leading the cabinet and the police, while Robert Mugabe retains control of the military. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Cindy McCain's painkiller addiction. [Washington Post]
  • The Obama campaign says, "Everybody chill out, we will get meaner or whatever." [New York Times]
  • And for their first move in their new "aggressive" campaign offensive, David Plouffe released a memo. [The Hill]

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