Rod Blagojevich Is The New Obama


Here's the full video of today's Blagojevich derring-do, which you really should watch from start to finish.

It's taking some time, but we're slowly coming to terms with the (a) sublime hilarity of Rod Blagojevich's actions today and (b) the wonder of a human being that is Rod Blagojevich, in general. For starters, it's always comical when Harry Reid gets called on a bluff, which is what happens every time Harry Reid bluffs. Then, this press conference Blago threw together just to fuck with people; it was slightly less shameless than Blago standing naked on the podium and shouting, "I AM PLAYING THE RACE CARD, BECAUSE I CAN." Blago's brazen, abrupt turn to anarchism today, it's just... it's... your Wonkette editor is almost in tears out of pure admiration for this man. Obama is old news now; can we just make Blago president for life? YES WE CAN (DON'T LYNCH ME).



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