Why Is Justin Trudeau Terrorizing All The American Conservatives?

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Why Is Justin Trudeau Terrorizing All The American Conservatives?

Pudding-brained weirdo Rod Dreher is taking a break from thinking about college students licking each other's asses so he can focus on building out an attic for his family to hide in during the upcoming liberal purges of Conservative America.

Not even kidding. Today's spittle-flecked paranoia dredged from the innermost depths of Rod's brain is titled "Focus on Preparing Your Family for Persecution." For Rod has looked at a bunch of yahoos squatting in downtown Ottawa and seen a future in which the American government is stomping on his face, forever.

[W]hat’s happening in Canada — the government crushing dissent under the guise of keeping Canada “safe” from haters and deplorables — is a prelude of what’s to come here. Of course we have to fight it!

Wolverines! Seriously, some people have criticized the Canadian government for not doing more to end the truckers' occupation. In an effort to avoid violence, authorities for several weeks let these guys run pretty wild, closing off a chunk of downtown, intimidating residents, deputizing themselves as peace officers with the power to arrest any Canadian police officer. Ottawa's police chief even resigned in shame for letting the situation get out of hand.

If you wait until active persecution starts to get your family, your church, and your community prepared, and to get your networks in place, it may be too late. (bolding all Rod's)

Man, what a shtick. What part of American government does Rod think is going to persecute the churchgoing? Would it be local and state governments that are increasingly controlled by conservatives? Is it the Congress that can't unite enough to pass a fairly liberal legislative agenda? Is it the federal judiciary, particularly the Supreme Court, that has captured the courts and keeps overturning laws and long-established precedents under the legal system's doctrine of "Fuck You, That's Why"?

Rod also has a digression about Russia and Ukraine. See, the West has been working overtime to warn Russia of harsh consequences in the form of sanctions and ostracism if it invades its neighbor. Naturally, this must mean they will smear anyone who suggests, uh, that the West wants a war, or something:

Look also for coming fabricated accusations of bigotry against people like Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald, who call out the war party.

Accusations of bigotry against Tucker Carlson? Why, can you even imagine?

Maybe Rod could check out what a professor from the University of Ottawa — you know, someone who lives there — wrote in Slate on Thursday about this tiny little band of freedom fighters:

The convoy also acts in many ways like a militia. Flag-draped pickups rove around town. Scouts do aggressive surveillance work and intimidate residents. Signs and banners demarcate the occupied territory. Some 400 hate incidents have been reported, and among the Canadian flags on hockey sticks, there’s Nazi imagery and a kaleidoscope of flags associated with extremist movements—including, at times, Confederate flags. [...]

Some Ottawans describe this as a hostage situation, with heavy elements of extortion...Other residents are simply terrified. Blind people cannot safely leave their homes, due to deafening noise. Anyone with PTSD or sensory processing issues is in constant distress. Far from being a “nuisance,” as the New York Times editorial board described it, the convoy has harassed schoolchildren, spawned coordinated attacks on the 911 system, forced the closure of lifelines like grocery stores and medical offices, and deprived thousands of people of their freedom, sleep, and sanity.

Dreher is far from the only conservative to embrace the truckers' claim that they are simply a bunch of hard-working blue-collar folk and not, as other reporting has revealed, a bunch of rightwing extremists demanding that dreamboat Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his entire government resign. Newsweek's assistant opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon, who used to be a liberal until she apparently decided that posing as the poor woman's Salena Zito would be better for her career, has also caught the "Canadians arresting people for breaking laws is fascism" bug:

Sure, who ever heard of protesters who have spent weeks violating all sorts of laws while terrorizing their fellow citizens being gently arrested? Is this what Canada has been reduced to, this, this ... relatively polite behavior?

So to sum up, the truckers are brave freedom fighters being arrested for dissent like Canada is now Belarus or something, the folks waving swastikas and Confederate flags around are normal blue-collar Canadians, the secular's Left's lack of steps to confine the religious in concentration camps only means they are about to confine the religious in concentration camps, Tucker Carlson is not a bigot, and we're going back to bed.

[American Conservative / Slate / Twitter]

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