Rodeo Clown Figgers Rodeo-Goers Will Just Love Racist Joke About Michelle Obama

Rodeo Clown Figgers Rodeo-Goers Will Just Love Racist Joke About Michelle Obama

We don't know if you have heard, but Michelle Obama IS BLACK, YOU GUYS, GROSS. That was the punchline of thehilarious joke that tickled the earholes of all the attendees at the Creston Classic Rodeo, in the golden hills outside Paso Robles, in California's inner Kentucky.

[T]he joke as told by the announcer, went something like this: Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.

Then the crowd laughed and laughed, except for how they didn't.

In fact, despite being not actually on the coast where the sensible Californians live, Paso Robles and Creston seem to be filled with people who are in fact not disgusting racist assholes, and who complained to the rodeo board about the "clown."

“I was really appalled and the people around me were really appalled,” said spectator Dona Wilson of Santa Margarita. “He was acting like we were buying into his bigotry and we weren’t.”

Wilson said she heard a lady beside her say: “ ‘Whoa! Racist or what?’ ”

Exactly one person on the nine-person rodeo board has commented, saying the board was not responsible for the hilarious joke, but that they guessed they would be asking the clown to write a letter; the other profiles in courage on the board are not returning the San Luis Obispo Tribune's calls.

[, via Wonkette superoperative "chascates"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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