Roger Stone Presents the Worst Alibi Ever

sock it to me - WonketteRoger Stone -- former CREEP dirty trickster, occasional Fox contributor, Al Gore fan -- is trying to avoid blame for having called and abused Eliot Spitzer's dad. He was forced to abandon his original alibi after it turned out there were no performances of Frost/Nixon that night. So, instead, he claims he was in Venice Beach, CA getting a tattoo of Richard Nixon's face. Look, you can kind of see it in the mirror there. But don't look too close! Your eyes will melt!

Update: Ok we clearly didn't understand this at all. Stone got the tattoo the day he was accused of making the call, not on the day the call was made. So it's more of a "fuck you" than an alibi.

Roger Stone's Nixon Thing [Politicker]


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