Roger Stone Pretty Sure Ron DeSantis A Disloyal Creep Who Cheats On His Wife (Allegedly)

Roger Stone Pretty Sure Ron DeSantis A Disloyal Creep Who Cheats On His Wife (Allegedly)

Roger Stone, who as a political strategist makes a very good convicted felon, had some more harsh words for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Stone believes DeSantis has not demonstrated sufficient fealty to the insurrectionist in chief, Donald Trump.

Stone was asked during a radio interview Tuesday if the “Trump-DeSantis feud was real or is that media hype?” The third-tier “Batman” TV series villain responded:

I believe in loyalty. Let’s be very clear. Prior to Donald Trump’s endorsement [for governor], Ron DeSantis was a little-known congressman with an ill-fitting suit, a bad haircut, and an undistinguished record.

It’s true: DeSantis’s suits don’t fit him very well. His hair is like an Eddie Haskell helmet, and his record both before and after he became governor is crap. However, these are hardly areas where Donald Trump stands out. That’s probably what concerns Stone and Trump. GOP primary voters might choose the same terrible but in a gross, new package.

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Stone claimed that it was Trump’s "endorsement alone that lifted DeSantis out of obscurity to the nomination” in 2018. The GOP establishment in Florida had backed Adam Putnam, but DeSantis catered to Trump’s ego. He even filmed a silly campaign ad where he presented himself as “pitbull Trump defender.”

In Stone’s version of reality, Trump saved DeSantis’s flagging campaign and “dragged him across the finish line” after Democrat Andrew Gillum handed him his ass in their two debates. Tragically, DeSantis did win after trailing Gillum consistently in the polls, but Florida polls are for shit. Trump was hardly a political lightning rod in 2018. He also couldn’t prevent Republican losses in the 2017 Alabama Senate special election or the 2019 Kentucky governor’s race.

STONE: So I believe that Donald Trump made the political career of Ron DeSantis, and therefore DeSantis owes the former president wide berth. He has plenty of time to run for president.

That sounds kind of desperate, and here comes the straight-up threat: "He has to run for re-election in 2022. He should recognize that if he does not have the enthusiastic and active support of Donald Trump, he may not be governor. He is not a lead pipe cinch for reelection. It will be very competitive."

The only other declared Republican nominee for Florida governor this year is John Joseph Mercadante, who already lost to DeSantis in 2018. He currently has a whopping 38 Twitter followers, so it looks as if his grassroots campaign is stuck in the mud. Republicans have all but cleared the field for DeSantis, which is interesting considering that Politico reported last year that he’s roundly disliked. A former staffer claimed that “loyalty and trust, that is not a currency he deals in.” In his defense, most businesses will only accept money, not “loyalty and trust.”

We certainly hope that the actual general election is competitive and that DeSantis loses. Maybe Trump is petty enough to help make that happen if DeSantis doesn’t publicly table his presidential ambitions.

Last week, Stone hit DeSantis with the same “bad haircut and ill-fitting suit” jab, so you know it must come from Trump himself. He also hinted at something more salacious behind DeSantis’s disappearance at the end of last year: “I know where he was when he was missing. Ask Emerald Robinson. #FuckRonDeSantis.”

Emerald Robinson (no relation) is the anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist who was considered too nutty to work for Newsmax. It’s pretty low to suggest that DeSantis would cheat on his wife, who’s battling cancer, and Stone should take a cold, hard look at the current (and past!) GOP if he thinks being that would prove fatal to his campaign.

Oh, well, as long as Trump and DeSantis are feuding, American democracy stands a chance.


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