Roland Burris Has Balls Of Steel And The Law On His Side

  • There's a hot new word for the crooks who screw investors out of their hard-earned millions: "financiopaths." [Fortune]
  • Russia's state-run gas company, Gazprom, is in a tiff with Ukraine because it says Ukraine hasn't paid its bills, and now Europe isn't getting all the gas it needs, which is also Ukraine's fault somehow. [AFP]
  • Greek police continue to get no respect from their gun- and riot-happy citizens. [Reuters]
  • Roland Burris says he's the new senator from Illinois and he is of course "humbled" by his constituents' support while he is also unable to think of a single human soul who would be better for the job. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • The Minnesota state Canvassing Board will meet today to certify Al Franken its new senator, but then there's a week waiting period before the election certificate is completed. During that time, Norm Coleman will file seventeen billion lawsuits. [AP]
  • Congratulations, our nation's workers! President-elect has a juicy $500 tax credit for you, which will only slightly reduce the back rent you owe your landlord. [New York Times]

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