Roland Burris Tells Media That Roland Burris Is Awesome


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Here's another brilliant press conference with everyone's favorite death monument of a U.S. Senator, Roland "Don't Lynch Me" Burris, who's talking to the media at an airport shortly before his flight to Washington. Because he's coming! The reporters ask him questions for eight minutes and he tells them all to shut the hell up, for eight minutes.

The best part comes around 1:45 when a reporter asks Burris how he will be in both Springfield and Washington for meetings at the same time, on Wednesday, and Burris replies that he is "the magic man." Oh... oh that is just naughty.

Other highlights include the opening questions about race, during which Burris claims he would never play Racial Politics. Then he mentions how great it is that he is one of a select few black Senators in American history. Very select few. Like, it's really something that needs to happen for him.

Then he just yells at everyone -- and deservedly so! Like many quote transcribers reporters, these folks are ungodly annoying.

Well, get on that plane already, Roland! Cuz tomorrow will be so awesome:

The aide familiar with Senate Democratic leaders' plans said if Burris tries to enter the Senate chamber, the Senate doorkeeper will stop Burris. If Burris were to persist, either trying to force his way onto the Senate floor or refusing to leave and causing a scene, U.S. Capitol Police would stop him, said the aide.

Roland Burris Heads to Washington and an Uncertain Future [YouTube via Washington Monthly]


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