'Roll Call' Quashes Scurrilous Rumors Spread On Wonkette

'Roll Call' Quashes Scurrilous Rumors Spread On Wonkette

Remember last week, when weposted some cartoonist's Twitter about how the august Capitol Hill publication Roll Call was doomed? Well that was all a bunch of bunkum, and that's the last time we'll rely on some artist's 160-character "blurps" or whatever they're called for all our insidery publishing news. After the jump: Roll Call publisher Peter Cherukuri puts the rumors to rest.

Contrary to rumors posted on Wonkette and on Twitter, Roll Call is thriving and not at all at risk of shutting down. It's unfortunate what is happening to consumer newspapers and other media outlets around the country but fortunately for our amazing employees, readers and advertisers, the state of Roll Call's condition is healthier than ever.

With our singular focus on Congress since 1955, our revenues and business opportunities continue to grow. In August, we completed a $43 million acquisition of the highly respected grassroots technology company, Capitol Advantage, on the heels of a previous acquisition of the legislative tracking company, Gallery Watch. We are hiring across the board in editorial and business positions. Advertising and subscription revenues are strong. Our parent company, The Economist Group, is in full support of our business strategy and looks to us for significant expansion. Suffice to say, our prospects for 2009 and beyond are extremely positive.

Thank you for the opportunity to put to rest this rumor.


Peter Cherukuri


Roll Call Newspaper

Now everybody put down your riot gear and get back to work.


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