Rolling On The President's Lawn, And Other Great Ideas

Thursday, April 9: This month's Going Out Guide Happy Hour takes place at Current and sports, what else, a cherry blossom theme. Of course, who really cares where or why when there's free sushi, $4 sake bombs, $5 (cherry blossom) martinis, and other Japanese-inspired drink specials. Also, famous-y DJ Christine Moritz (who has opened for Thievery Corporation on occasion) will perform. 6PM to 8PM, free. [WaPo, Current]

  • Thursday, April 9: There's been a crapton of charity-based drinking events lately, some directed towards questionable causes (uh, cherry blossom tree replacement?), but Cocina de Coprodeli is certifiably Helpful. There will be tapas from the chef at Ceiba, pisco drinks, and flamenco dancing, all to benefit the earthquake-ravaged Ica region of Peru. 6:00PM to 8:30PM at Josephine Butler Parks Center; $15 in advance, $20 at the door. [Coprodeli USA]
  • Saturday, April 11: Eggs are food, so this belongs here right? Well, these aren't eatin' eggs, these are eggs for "rolling." This tradition of pushing an egg with a stick, the existence of which your intern was somehow completely unaware of until today, has been observed by most of our nation's President at the White House. Even the Muslim one's doing it, and though you can't get on his lawn, you can get on the one at dead Woodrow Wilson's house. Bring kids, if you have them, to keep from looking too suspicious. 1PM to 3PM, $25 for adults, $10 for kids. [Gayot]
  • Saturday, April 11: A fireworks ceremony traditionally marks the beginning of the end of our cherry blossoms, but if you just can't wait that long, there is a "Prelude to the Fireworks" on the Southwest waterfront for you. The actual reason for attending this is to stake out a good spot to watch the fireworks, but there's also music (from a band called the "Seacocks" no less!), food from local restaurants, and all the other things usually found at festivals. 5:30PM to 8:30PM, free. [Prelude to the Fireworks]
  • Through April: Taberna del Alabardero is turning 20 years old this month, and it's celebrating this superhuman longevity (in this economy, too!) by selling its entire selection of Spanish wine at retail cost, all month long. That's hundreds of bottles, at discounts up to hundreds of dollars -- get drinking! [Taberna del Alabardero ]

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