Rollins Promises: Everyone In Congress Was Partying With Hookers

rollinsband.jpgGOP consultant Ed Rollins (who abandoned poor Katherine Harris, the cruel, cruel man) on WatergateGate (Now With Hookers):

So we have -- let me just finish. We have created a culture in which a whole bunch of people have taken a whole bunch of money, and now that you`ve earmarked this stuff -- if you end up with eight or nine or as many as 15 members of Congress, even a couple Democrats, getting indicted in the next three or four months, that may be sufficient.

Ok, back up -- 15 members? Haven't you been down in Florida dealing with a lunatic for the last couple months? Where did you get that number from? That's the entire subcommittee on defense appropriations. All of them indicted just in time for the midterms? Oh, don't toy with us, Ed. You've just broken Katherine's heart. We're wise to you.

GOP's Ed Rollins: Hookergate is "Big" [TPM Muckraker]


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