Romney Advocates For Bees Learning the Kazakhstan Anthem

Romney Advocates For Bees Learning the Kazakhstan Anthem
Good news, everyone! No, just kidding, it's not.

  • Can you tell the difference between ads and advocacy? Usually, it's that one of them demands money and the other asks for it. But the line is blurring, which means basically that the ads are demanding you ask if you should give them money. [NPR]
  • Mitt Romney is "just one of the guys" now! Not, Just One of the Guys unfortunately, but...relatable, apparently. The best detail of this article is that they felt the need to point out that the ice cream he was scooping in New Hampshire during his bus tour was "mostly vanilla." [Washington Post]
  • You can go to jail in Kazakhstan for using the Borat anthem instead of the actual one! Oh, Kazakhstan, trying to be a cool country like Iran and banning the stuff that make you famous! [The Atlantic]
  • Isabella Rossellini has made a short film (along with several others) in connection with Burt's Bees about bees to spread awareness considering their recent decrease in numbers and serious endangerment. She plays a bee. Actually, she plays all the bees in the whole production. Actually, this movie looks amazing. Forget the new Pixar and Woody Allen and Spiderman movies this summer -- watch this! [Grist]

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