James David Manning, the flame-tongued Obama-bashing pastor of Harlem's ATLAH World Missionary Church, has some new weapons to add to his marginal arsenal of attempted birther world takeover. Manning, in a new edition of his heartwarming Manning Report video series, says he believes that both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have black fathers, because no white couple would name their child Newton Leroy McPherson or Willard Mitt Romney.


I believe that Newt Gingrich's father was a liberal-educated black man. I do!

He says a similar thing about Romney. Then:

Somewhere down the line, I think that the [sic] Romney's wives [sic? ish?] got in bed with sleeping car porters on them long train trips from Michigan to Chicago and Chicago to Boston...these politicians and the wealthy wives used to take these long train rides from Chicago to LA and these sleeping car porters didn't have anything to do, the women were bored, it was a four-day train ride...

Manning's argument goes on to say that there were literally two "sleeping car porters" named Leroy and Willard after whom Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were named. But the plot thickens when Manning adds:

You know I'm saying this satirically, but I truly do believe that. I do! I do! I do.

He does. Manning, who also inserted himself into the Obama birther movement, basically hates the president, from what anybody can tell, and it often results in baffling exchanges like this one, with Fox News's Alan Colmes, from March 2008, over why Manning slanders Obama so, using terms like "pimp," "long-legged freak," "trash," and so on:

MANNING: You know, when you consider who Obama is and what he's trying to do, and the danger that he represents for the African-American people, those words are mild compared to ...

COLMES: Calling him trash?

MANNING: Absolutely. Listen, Obama lied on his mother and his father by saying that they were — met at the Selmer march, which was not true. So, when a man lies on his mother and his father. I mean, what else can you say ...

COLMES: And then you go off on the — go ahead ...

MANNING: He lies about his grandmother and depicts her as a typical white racist. He ...

COLMES: That's not what he said by the way. He said —

MANNING: ... He said that she was a white person in turn...

COLMES: He said that it was generational.

MANNING: And she was also a racist.

COLMES: She said things on occasion that made him cringe.

MANNING: Well, at any rate, listen. A man that lies on his father and his mother, and I suspect there's a reason why he did that because of the things I said that he was born trash, and he was, but when you consider the fact that a man would lie on his mother and father.

Aaaaaanyway. [BuzzFeed]


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