Romney, Bachmann, Other Various Losers Collect Like Dust In Iowa


Someone's always there to clap for Mitt.Oh golly, just another eight months or so before the Iowa Caucus, which means it's time for Wonkette to go into high gear. Mitt Romney is in Iowa! Michele Bachmann is planning an announcement at her personal Waterloo, which is a place actually called "Waterloo, Iowa," where she was hatched from an emu egg beneath a corn farm. The paper in Minneapolis hopefully suggests in its headline, "Republican Race Heats Up." Anything could happen! Meanwhile, Rick Santorum will announce his abortion preferences at a special event in Pennsylvania next month. And Sarah Palin is apparently renting a bus to do the maverick-y thing of not going to Iowa. She just might be quitting the GOP race in advance, to prove she can rent a bus without help from the GOP old boys Iowa corn network. Or maybe she doesn't know about the Iowa caucus. Who can blame her?

Bloomberg captures the campaign trail action:

The former Massachusetts governor is scheduled to visit an Iowa agriculture software company, speak before a business group and attend a Republican Party picnic.

“Governor Romney will be competing in Iowa, as he is the other primary states,” said Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for him.

Well said, Andrea! Now let's see if we can wring another post out of that Gingrich/Tiffany's business .... [Bloomberg]


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