Romney Deathwatch: Mitt's Campaign Soon to be Partying With Jesus on Planet Heaven

Mitt Romney, what a great candidate. He appeals to the middle (maybe? does he?), he's reliably conservative, he had very nice hair, and only one wife!

Too bad, though, that he's not on TBS every night.

"Back in January, I had no idea that Fred was even thinking about it," Welch said. "I went ahead and committed to (Massachusetts Gov.) Mitt Romney because I thought he was the best of the lot that had shown interest in running. It would be very inappropriate and very unfair for me to say to Mitt Romney, 'Hey, Fred Thompson decided to run and I'm gone. Bye.' I'm not going to do anything like that. I made a commitment, and I'm going to stick with it, so long as he is in the race.

"If he, for some reason, were to drop out, my choice would naturally be Fred Thompson."

Welch made sure to say that last sentence several times: If Romney's out, Thompson is Welch's guy.

"Welch" would be Ted Welch, "the most powerful Republican fundraiser in the South." Who is committed to Mitt in much the same way Rudy Giuliani was committed to wives one through 7.

The Romney campaign is expected to deliver a heartfelt MySpace suicide message later this year.

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