Romney Going Around Being Personally Coy To Every Citizen of Iowa and N.H.


It was four days before the 2010 midterm elections, and Romney was making the Granite State rounds. People applauded him for just walking into a room. At the neocolonial estate of one wealthy contributor, the former Massachusetts governor glided from handshake to handshake, delighted to see so many he called "old friends," while the new ones lined up to snap pictures. "This is New Hampshire," Romney remarked in the childlike way of a candidate at work

"And this is a chair. And this is a slice of cheese. And this is a cell phone. And this is a hair I ripped out of my scalp. And this is the floor. And this is a shirt. And this is not a shirt. Vote for me, if I were running for something, though, like, I'm totally not." [Time]


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