Romney Headquarters Burglarized Again Because People Know He's Rich

Smell the gloveFor the second time since September, burglars struck Mitt Romney's fancy campaign headquarters in Boston. While the original criminals got away with a bunch of computers and a plasma teevee, the losers arrested at 1 a.m. this morning only managed to take a MacBook laptop. Also, this morning's burglars were drunk. "When the suspects opened the car doors," the Boston Globe reports, "two open bottles of Budweiser tumbled to the ground."

Were the crimes politically motivated, or did "smart manager guy" Mitt put his headquarters in the ghetto to save a few bucks?

Definitely not a Watergate-style break-in, says Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom. But how do we know for sure?

Because one of the crooks "identified himself as a political independent on his voter registration, public records show." The other drunkard didn't show up on the voter registration rolls, but he does have a half-dozen outstanding warrants for various loser crimes -- so he's probably a Democrat.

Another break-in at Romney campaign headquarters [Boston Globe]


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