Romney: I Love The Interchange With Individuals That Are Probing And Pushing


Mitt Romney gave an interview to Peggy Noonan, andit is great! She is the greatest interviewer, very important and insightful questions, we are sure! Do you wake up in a good mood, or do you have to work your way into it? "When was the last time you woke up unhappy?" "Do you love politics—the joy of it, the fight of it?" Those are all so good, and we cannot wait to hear the answers, which are like, "depends," "can't remember," and "nah."

Then there are Peggy's own marvelous insights, like this:

The great story about Mr. Romney's father, George, is that one word—"brainwashed"—did in his presidential candidacy in 1968. People have hypothesized that Mitt is careful with words and statements, that he edits his thoughts too severely, because of the power of that myth.

Really, Peggy? Have people hypothesized that Mitt is careful with words and statements? Because we really hadn't realized that was a Thing, Ol' Mittens being careful with words and statements. We were under the impression that he can't open his mouth without telling everyone in the vicinity he could buy and sell them. Unless by "careful," Peggy means "robotic and stilted"? That would make a lot more sense.

So DOES Mitt Romney love politics, the joy of it, the fight of it? "I love the interchange with individuals that are probing and pushing." Yes, that seems "careful" indeed.

In other news, Mitt Romney thinks the loss in people's 401k's is Barack Obama's fault, and not that of the job creators and professional 401k rapers on Wall Street, but that is so obvious we probably shouldn't have even mentioned it. [WSJ]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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