Romney Whines About How Laying Off Workers Makes Him Sad

Mitt Romney took an adventurous campaign turn today by trying to connect with the Fortune 500 C.E.O. crowd, a demographic that always votes for the most progressive, tax-hiking liberal candidates. He mentioned how hard it is to lay off workers, how much it eats away at your corporate humanity, and how he's done it like 50 million times. Coincidentally, this purging of the soul took place before a Latino builders' union. Ohhhh Mittens!

If there's one thing workers want to hear when there's a recession on the horizon, it's how bad Mitt Romney feels when he has to fire people:

Moving on to the economy, Romney discussed his economic stimulus plan and later spoke at length about layoffs and the effect on the employer.

"I've had settings where I've had to lay people off. It's an awful feeling. No one likes laying someone off," Romney commented.

Continuing, he said, "Someone who thinks that you're a bad person if you lay someone off doesn't understand. You feel bad. Its probably the hardest thing I've done in business."

I'm convinced enough. When the New York Stock Exchange blows up and unemployed construction workers resort to underground cock-fighting bets as the only means of income, they can take heart in the fact that Mitt Romney may be sad as he's successfully hedging his investments on global debt.

Romney Addresses Latin Builders in Miami [ABC News]


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