Romney's Religion Not the Same Crazy B.S. Followed by Most Republicans

Romney's best buddy gives the Heil Hitler - WonketteThe New York Times gingerly handles the Mitt Romney Mormonism issue today, concluding that the Mormon and Christian mythologies differ just enough to freak out the evangelical Jesus Freaks who decide the South Carolina GOP primary. Remember, these same crackers killed McCain's 2000 run because Karl Rove spread a rumor that Walnuts had a baby with a black gal.

While both Mormons and Christians worship the invisible ghost of a dead 1st Century Jew who may or may not have even existed, Mormons have the crazy belief that one book of scripture was written by a New York lunatic in the 19th Century. Conversely, Christians believe that one book of scripture was written by a lunatic on the island of Patmos at the end of the 1st Century, and that this same guy was also a disciple of Jesus some 70 years earlier. As you can plainly see, Mormonism is so weird!

Romney also answers the polygamy question that he'll have to answer exactly 7,000 times before he loses the nomination to Duncan Hunter, telling the NYT that he finds the multi-wife thing "bizarre." Sadly, the Times fails to ask the tough questions about Magic Underwear.

Mormon Candidate Braces for Religion as Issue [NYT]


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