Ron Paul Back In His Comfort Zone, Goes Insane Over NWO


[youtube expand=1]

Doctor President Ron Paul recently went on Alex Jones' conspiracy theory radio show and said this, about Obama and the G-20 meeting (which caused terrible traffic in certain parts of DC last weekend, and nothing else): "A world central bank, worldwide regulation and world control of the whole system, of all the commodities and all the natural resources, what else can you call it other than world government?"

Also: "Obama wouldn’t be there if he didn’t toe the line, and when the meeting starts on November 15th for the new monetary system, this could be the beginning of the end of what’s left of our national sovereignty."

He adds that the NWO has been training Obama for four years to take over the world, with McCain as a backup. LIBERTY!...??

[YouTube, Crooks and Liars]


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