Ron Paul Dresses As Poorly As His Internet Fans

We don't even know what the fuck these things are ... athletic slippers? - Wonkette

While former front-runners like John WALNUTS! McCain go down the fundraising toilet, geek hero Ron Paul has reportedly pulled in an astounding $4 million in the second quarter of the year. Yes, that's only a third of what Loser-To-Be McCain took, but McCain was supposed to raise millions more. Nobody expected Ron Paul to raise anything.

Which brings us to a problem, pictured above. The beloved Texas congressman/doctor/libertarian is walking around in "the Wal-Mart trousers and the ratty Reeboks," according to shoe-blogger Manolo. Memo to Ron Paul's campaign manager: There's no need to have him prance around like John Edwards, obviously, but one good suit (with two pairs of pants, two shirts and three ties) and two $150 pairs of decent dress shoes would go a long way towards making your candidate look less like a vacuum-cleaner repairman.

The Ron Paul and His Disgraceful Shoes [Manolo's Shoe Blog]


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