Ron Paul Fever Sweeping Portion of Nation That Fucks Around on the Internet

Defender of our nation's crappy photoshops - WonketteNerds of the world, your ingenious "hack every unscientific online poll" strategy is paying off big! The "Ron Paul Meetup Group" has seen its membership skyrocket in recent weeks. And they're showing no signs of slowing, or of common sense!

And as of tonight we have seen a 100% increase in membership to 10,316 members since May 26th. That's a DOUBLING in membership in 16 days!

Project that! A 100% increase every two weeks will take us to 165,056 members in two months? Let's say we get "only" to 50,000 members in two months...still a formidable, real force that no other candidate has.

You get that? If they keep doubling their membership every two weeks, soon every single American man, woman, and child will be a part of the Runaway Ron Paul Express! Why, given enough time, there will be upwards of 500 million Paul supporters -- greater than the entire population of the United States!

The only thing standing in their way is math!

Note: If you add up the members from each group it exceeds this total apparently due to members joining more than one group. So it would appear that the total at the top of the page represents unique members.

The Ron Paul movement is gaining steam so quickly, their own supporters now outnumber their supporters. They've lapped themselves with momentum! Catch The Paulsy!

Message From Ron Paul Meetup Group [USA Election Polls]


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