Ron Paul for the Republican Nomination

ronpaul2008.jpgYes, you read that correctly. We (well mostly me, Megan was all like "eh, go do your thing") endorse Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. In an election year that could provide such boring figures as Mitt Romney or John McCain, America demands a Republican that will most singlehandedly destroy that party, destroy it again, bury it, spit on its grave, dig it up, then maybe destroy it a few more times and a few more times again until no word in the English language can quite possibly describe how destroyed the Republican party is. Ron Paul -- because of his various racisms, batshit CRAZY policy stances and, ya know, retarded supporters -- is this man for the Republican party. Go lose them an election, King Paultard, and go win us some pageviews! GO RON PAUL 2008!!


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