Ron Paul Freedom Tax Rally Saves Economy!

Here are Ron Paul's supporters, still leading the Ron Paul rEVOLution, on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol yesterday at a rally, gazing longingly at George Washington's aluminum-tipped erect penis in the distance. Did you know that Ron Paul will also have a famous obelisk-cum-penis when he is president, again? More pictures of his concubines dancing the dance of Freedom, after the jump!

Uh oh, whisk Ben Bernanke away to a secret hideout, the friendly Paultards are going to kill hi(m)(s bank)! Make sure Bernanke has a decent Ethernet connection, however, so he can pay for more Bear Stearnses and locate delicious Bear porn.

Dick Cheney ate all the sammiches. (OK that was a waste of a joke. But seriously folks, don't they look inappropriately close to the Imperial Palace of Congress here? Perhaps everyone knows how harmless they are without a modem).

Pregnant? Jury's still out! If so, Ron Paul will deliver the baby and keep it in his attic, where he keeps all delivered babies, for sustenance.



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