Ron Paul Geeks Will Soon Start Spaming Other Candidates

Have you heard about Ron Paul? No? Then this must be your first time on the Internet. Welcome! You can catch up on the news, find out where to buy pills to fix up your broken penis, and mostly learn about Ron Paul, "the Internet President." Over at our sister site Gizmodo, editor Brian Lam is getting spammed by the Paultards because ... well, because Gizmodo is on the Internet, too!

From: Ryan Adams

Date: August 18, 2007 8:33:23 PM PDT


Subject: I'm a big fan!


I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of Gizmodo. I also wanted to let you guys know about Congressman Ron Paul who is running for President in 2008. If you give him a chance, you won't regret it, thanks!

The Paultards are very efficient, which is why exactly one word ("Gizmodo") of this spam relates to the recipient (the editor of "Gizmodo") ... and they probably had a guy "write a java script" or something to do this automatically, in Linux or UNIX, with a "command line" or whatever, because that's what this country was built upon, FREEDOM.

Also, it's great to see that retired indie-rock alt-country sensation Ryan Adams is helping out the Ron Paul campaign. Nobody should just sit around smoking heroin forever, because that's not helping FREEDOM all so much.

Those Pimple-Faced Ron Paul Online Spammers Strike Again [Free For All]


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