Loser presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul told the Chicago Tribune today that he will not support John McCain unless he "has a lot of change of heart." See, a simple "change of heart" would not suffice! He needs to have many hearts, and have them all change many times, forever.

Paul is a lot of reluctant because of The War. For most people, this refers to the Iraq War; for John McCain, "The War" is simply a synonym for "time":

"I can not support anybody with the foreign policy he advocates, you know, perpetual war. That is just so disturbing to me," Paul said. "I think it's un-American, un-Constitutional, immoral, and not Republican."

Amen, Dr. Paul. This is precisely why "media favorite" John McCain will look horrible against either Democratic nominee! Even though John McCain and the Democrats are all very, very gay with each other.

Fortunately, Ron Paul will win the nomination in pretty much every scenario, so it doesn't matter:

This is the first week when even if Paul won every single delegate in every single upcoming contest, he still could not win the nomination straight out.

Ron Paul: No John McCain Endorsement [The Swamp]


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