Ron Paul: Live on The View!

We were only waiting for this moment to arrive. And finally, here it is: Ron Paul made an appearance this Today on The View! Paul, the first Republican to do the show, is breaking ranks from other presidential contenders and their wives who have supported the writer's strike. See Whoopi hold herself back from pouncing on Paul's ass! Listen to Joy take Paul to task on Roe v. Wade! Listen as Ron Paul himself say he will not kill babies in his house! Watch Kate Walsh sit and look pretty (sigh).

Paul's appearance follows Hillary Clinton's October visit. John Edwards and Michelle Obama both canceled their appearances on show because of the writer's strike. "Its an audience that we need to reach," said Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told ABC. "The political junkies and the people in the early four primary states know how strong Dr. Paul is running, but we need to reach the demographic that is watching the view. Affluent, middle aged women. Those are people we need to introduce to Dr. Paul," he said.

ABC Daytime spokesman Karl Nilsson said the show has had on many politicians, but would not otherwise discuss the bookings. Awwww. No fun!

Ron Paul to Appear on 'The View' [ABC News]


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